Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bank Transfer Day

So, how did Bank Transfer go? We don’t know yet. However, we do have an inkling from information inching around the web. This was tweeted by Mark Cassello, Adjunct English professor and writer for the Chicago version of the Huffington Post:

“The Credit Union National Association said Thursday that since Bank of America's debit fee was announced, credit unions had added 650,000 members - vs. 80,000 in an ordinary month - and $4.5 billion in deposits.

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Now here is a question, if enough people stop doing business with the mega banks will the fail, finally? I doubt if we are going to get a good indication of what is happening until Monday, if not the end of the fiscal quarter. The main stream media may be dismissing us, but this kind of action cannot be ignore if the Wizards of Wall Street start taking losses because they are alienating their customers.

There has been considerable talk about just how smart are the 1%-ers – I am sure there is a grammatical error there. There is some truth to their above average intelligence, along with their sociopathic and narcissistic tendencies. However, right now, there are thousands of people in the street who are unhappy with the way the nation is run. These people are not hippies and addicts, most of them have jobs, and are helping others along the way. As Judi Bryan posted on Face Book:

“These are people who are your neighbors, your family, your friends...people you work with, people who provide services to your homes and your businesses! They are not the "other", as some would have you believe. They are US! And they're fed up!”

And the 1%-ers just want to fight them. The current tactic is excessive force by the local Police Departments, and running down protestors in the street. Such attacks do not testify to the superior collective intelligence of the 1%-ers.

The real kicker to all this is that the 1% ers and the corporate citizens in general were warned about this back in 2007/08. That is when I published “Wealth, Women and War.” It is an instruction guide to human behavior in the face of crisis and how they will respond to that crisis. I don’t promote it anymore, but it was written to the powerful of the nation to keep us from getting to this point. They ignore it. Their media dogs ignore it. Yet, it still exists as fair warning to what is coming. And like Abby Hoffman at Wood Stock, when I do tweet, or post what is coming, I am ignored, and virtually, but not literally, booed off the stage.

Maybe, someday, I will get the courage up to explain what comes next, but in the meantime, if you have not moved your money into a small, responsive bank, or Credit Union, please do so. It does matter. It matters far more than anything else I can tell you.

More to come ….

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