Saturday, October 29, 2011

Her Name is Sarah

On Friday, October 28, 2011 while riding the "L" back from Occupy Chicago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah from Occupy Chicago.

Friday night GA

Attended the General Assembly on Friday, October 28, 2011. Arrived a bit after it began. The discussion at Congress Square on Michigan at Congress were already under way. During the General Assembly "Critical Mass" joined the General Assembly later in the evening.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Unto the Breach

Interesting phrase there, huh? “Unto the breach.” Push through the gap in the line of defense that separates you from the opposition.

"Unto the breach, Brothers"? Only brothers? What of the sisters? Can they stay home, and wait for the men to return covered in glory, in ribbons, or covered in
a flag?

Or shall they, too, stand the line, awaiting this call, to " o'er The Top, Lads!" To charge the guns of the enemy, and race, pumped with fear, stampede with adrenalin, through the gap in the wire laid open by the night's mortar fall?

Do we, who stand the night in the trenches of our defenses, have the luxury of know that our sisters are home safe, or shall we know that they stand shoulder to shoulder with us, to rise and fall with our fate, and calmer for the victory of the 'marrow? I think they do.

We all need to be here; be ready when the cannon roar, and the unseen rounds whistle over head, disturbed in the sleepless night. We all need to rise with the first rays of Ra, the life giver, to charge across the broken land, and fight, fire, and stab, bringing to an end the tyranny of the Usurper’s reign.

So, tiz now the cry, "Into the breach! O'er the Top! And drive the Bastards down to the pits from which they rose!"

True, in all it is true, send them back into the pits of darkness where they chose demonic forces to do their bidding on the land once so free, the land which so embraced liberty, and now is shrouded in darkness, fear, cynicism, distrust, and deceit.

The dark one has covered the land with clouds thicker, more choking, than the white gas that burns the lungs. Into the Breach! Into the Breach! By God's own decree, humanity must be free ... Unto the Breach!

Ready now your will, be sure your soul, be ready with your determined skill, for Ra, the life giver of old does rise!

With dawn comes to the smoking and shattered landscape. As does the Old One rise, so to shall we rise, and charge the breach, with cries, and shouts, that will chill those beyond barricades.

Let them hear our voices barking as the hounds coming upon them to take their souls and send them back to the darkest pits which gave them birth ... Unto the Breach, I say, Unto the Breach!

And then Ra does die again, and the day is ours, and the enemy of liberty is vanquished, let us morn our brothers and sisters who have fallen at their hands. Lt us swear vengeance to the Gods we walk with, and intern our past comrades. Let them be honored as fallen heroes, and let them rise to meet their creator, and find sup with them, and let them commune with the heroes that will this day give their all. Let them find rest from the carnage that is come. Having found rest, let them once again make way to the womb to be born again of woman, and find in the free future that is to come, the long life that was robbed of them by the dark deeds of this Usurper ... Unto the Breach.

Then, finally, knowing that we have won the day, securing liberty for the land, let us put to death this thing called war. Let us, by the final blow of the will, bend our hearts to the peace taken from us by dark deeds done. Let us embrace what is light, and right, and good, and fight our brothers and sisters no more. So now, cry I...

Unto The Breach!

(c) 2006 Well Past Midnight; 2011 version for the Occupy Movement

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Holding the Horse

After the CDP (Chicago Pilice Department) makes their announcements, Occupy Chicago splits into teams per personal decision and conviction to hold the horse as long as possible. Tense stand-off from 11:01 PM, Saturday, October 22, 2011 to 1:00 AM, Sunday, October 23, 2011.

The GA voted to "Take the Horse." Directaction Committee saw that the number of supports did not meet promised attendence or expectation. They brought it to the People. Occupy Chicago held the Horse for two hours. The struggle continues.

In all fairness to the CPD,they must be commended for not responding like the OPD (Oakland Police Department) did in the wee hours of the Morning of Tuesday, October 25, 2011, and after sunset the same day.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Emergency Discussion

As the hour approaches, and the number of people staying is woefully insufficient, discussions get heated, and it is brought to the people.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Party at the Horse

A Celebration of Freedom at Congress Square at the corners of Congress and Michigan before the Chicago Police cracked down. This is what the Officials are so afraid of?

Take The Horse: Open Letter to Rahm Emanuel

Dear Mr. Mayor:

I respect you as a person. I respect your office. I also respect your Police Officers. And I love Chicago. Having laid that as groundwork, I do have to ask one question. What in the hell are you afraid of?

Occupy Chicago is not communist. It is not Republican. It is not an anarchist group. They are Citizens who want to build community, and share their stories, and their lives with their fellow citizens of Chicago, Illinois. Why do you keep harassing them?

The Chicago Park curfew is a remnant of the past that is so seldom enforced that is all but forgotten. You only use it when you need to bludgeon someone. So, why do you see these people, many young, many middle aged, and a few of us grey haired folks, as any kind of political threat?

Mr. Mayor, as good a man as you are, you don't get talked about save for your relationship to #OccupyChi and Congress Square. You have a petition with over 9,000 signatures about that. Can you, please, do something to allow the group to camp there? Is there something in your power you can do?

Cliff Potts

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Occupation Continues

Sunday, October 16, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois at the corner of Jackson and LaSalle. Even after arresting 175 Occupiers at Congress Square, the protest still goes on. The 1% did not give an inch over the past 30 years, the 99% have to take the street for the past 30 days. Be aware, it is not going to let up anytime soon. Tonight, October 22, 2011 Occupy Chi will attempt to stay at Congress Square again. This time lets hope we can stay.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Illusive Goal

By now this may be old news to some but ....

Last Saturday, October 15, 2011, the Occupy Chicago group, protesting for their own grievances, and supporting the Occupy Wall Street Protest, attempted to take the small area at the entrance of Chicago's Grant park called Congress Square at the corner of Congress and Michigan Avenue.

The police were there in force. When the park closed at 11:00 PM, the police told the Occupy Chicago group to disperse.

This curfew, a violation of any adult's rights in the City of Chicago, is a remnant of the Days of Rage in 1968 with the Yippies, SDS, and others took over the park during the Democratic Convention.

At approximately 1:30 AM on Sunday Morning, October 16, 2011. The police, finally reinforced, arrested 175 protestors.

This, of course, in Obama's adopted home town, and only yards from where he celebrated hope and change of his victory in November 2008. What Hope, and Change?

"Let it be Enough!"

Inspiring messages from the hearts of speakers at the Rally in Support of Global Occupation on October 15, 2011.

Coming Events

Today, October 21, 2011, there will be a march to Mayor Rahm's Office to deliver a petition containing thousands of signatures calling for Chicago to let Occupy Chicago stay at Congress Square (The Horse -- as seen in the video) at the entrance to Grant Park.

Tomorrow, October 22, 2011, Occupy Chicago will march to Congress and Michigan to once again Occupy Congress Square. The march is scheduled to step off at 7:00 PM. I will be there, of course. This is our city, and our Occupation.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

October 15, 2011: Stepping off in Solidarity

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) read a "study" that assured him that we, the Occupiers, are living at home. He "hopes" that we are not "protesting our parents." Bet that plays well to the people who voted him into office. Maybe he needs to take a look at the Citizens stepping off in Chicago in Solidarity with all Occupiers around the globe on October 15, 2011.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

10/15/2011 Not the Tea Party!

On an interview posted on ABC News, President Obama (still better than Bush) proves how disconnected he is by comparing the Citizens Occupation Movement with Koch's Tea Party (link to be posted). Since Obama does not know the difference, I thought I would take this opportunity to show him (and the world) the Citizens amassed at LaSalle and Jackson just before the Solidarity march for the Worldwide Occupation Movements on Saturday, October 15, 2011.

Obama: Occupy Wall Street ‘Not That Different’ From Tea Party Protest (ABC News)

Monday, October 17, 2011

10/16/11 Effective Police State

#OccupyChi marched to the Congress Square with the intent of camping out in solidarity with the Occupy Wold Wide Movement.

At 1:25 AM, having given the Occupiers 90 minutes warning, the Chicago Police Department cleared the square. They arrested 175 Citizens of the United States for being bold enough to air their grievances in public.

I went pack to Congress Square the next day (October 16, 2011) to see what remained.

This video shows the democratic process in action, and the remnants of the end game of the City of Chicago.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

10/8/11 Turth about War

At the October 8, 2011 joint demonstration between #OccupyChi and the Anti-War coalition, Sgt. B takes the podium to denounce the War against Iraq, and question our involvement in Afghanistan. Maybe this is what all the police activity is really about; someone does not what you to know the truth.

10/12/11 #OccupyChi Spirit

Last Wednesday I attended my first #OccupyChi General Assembly. The detailed videos are on my YouTube Channel (AmericasMaji). This video is presented to share the sights and sounds of the citizens who have stood up against Corporate Greed in these early days of the 21st Century.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

10/1/11 #OccupyChi Day 9

Make a video - it's fun, easy and free!

It started a few months ago. It was just before I started my new job back home in Chicago. It came as a tweet from @AnonymousIRC. It was a re-tweet from @DOR about #OccupyWallStreet. Over the course of time we tweeted back and fourth about the the aims of the Days of Rage.

It was summed up in the phrase "One Citizen. One Vote One Dollar." The idea was simple: Get the corrupting influences out of the U.S. Government. Needless to say this got my attention. It was not a Socialist agenda. It was not a Fascist agenda. It was not an Anarchist agenda. It was the simple idea that the Corporations are corrupting the government of the United States, and polluting the environment of this Democratic Republic.

As I wrote in 2007 ...

There is little incentive to pull in the reins of these corporations when they feed funds into the coffers of elected officials because the election process is expensive. The election process is so costly because the air-time for television and radio even at the lowest rate as prescribed by law are prohibitively expensive. There is no public forum which is not owned by, or beholden to, corporations. While it is arguable that NPR, PRI, and PBS are independent, their draw is limited at best. The corporations fund the candidates who will best serve their needs, and then collect the funds donated through the media outlets which they own.

The media is fully supportive of the corporations, since they are owned by the corporations. The current pundits of the globalized economy tell us that if a person is “good enough” they will find rewarding employment, and through shrewd investments in the corporations be able to accumulate wealth.

Once again, the corporations are paying money to those whom they find acceptable, in the form of wages, and collecting the excess, after the bills are paid to the corporations, in the form of “investments.” This allows the individual to think they have a vested interest in the corporations. One might consider this a rather incestuous monetary scheme. If those investments were put together for the collective good of the community, it may have some ethical viability, however, the investments are going into the rather large paychecks and rewards of the corporations, and reinvested into what might be called colonial expansion at the expense of the local community (Wealth, Women, and War, p 19).

To date, this is the message that still remains at the forefront of the #OccupyWallStreet movement. However, the same media outlets which depend so much on the "incestuous money" game are doing everything they can to muddy the waters and smear the message.

I have spent some time at #OccupyChi, and as you can see from the videos, the message has not changed.

And on that note: there is now (9:07 PM CDT 10/01/11) an Official statement of Occupation from Occupy Wall Street.