Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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So ... Facebook is the place to play?

The Drudge Report was not the first web based text page to compile news articles from around the net, it is only the most persistent. Got to hand it to him. He post his own research online for all to see. He's been doing it since the late 1990s. Most of us have changed format to follow the technological trends, but his town square format still remains the same. Nothing wrong with that.

Today is the national No Facebook day. It is as if, somehow, the benign Facebook social site has become the malignant evil empire. There are plenty of doubters who say it will never happen. They say that people will not abandon Facebook for 24 hours just to show them who is boss. The doubters are probably correct. Still, it is fun to pull back from the amassed friends who you do not know, and will most likely never meet, to gain a little perspective on the whole experience. Let's face it, we may be social beings, but we have a need to pull back and contemplate in a certain level of solicitude.

A certain thoughtfulness is required in a public forum, and by its nature, lending to quick response to a post or link, such thoughtfulness is often tosses aside to the pressure to look quick witted, glib and articulate, yet such articulation of wit can fall flat and be void of content. Trolls are raised on such empty words. One can also point out the obvious: No great work of literature was ever penned in a five second press of showmanship. Cleaver lines to inspire a grin do not a poet make. I know, I've tried.

Where does all this lead? And what do the two have to do with each other?

Perchance Drudge has it right. One place for headlines. Another place for chatter ... and games.

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