Wednesday, March 2, 2011

From the Dallas' Street

Steven Benavids, El Centro College Students for a Democratic Society, was arrested today (March 2, 2011) at the Defend Education Rally began shortly after 12:00 PM at 801 Main Street, Dallas, TX.

The police were out in force. There was a ratio of approximately 1:2 (Police Officers: Demonstrators). They were bent on confrontation and denial of the Student's right to free speech, and peaceful assembly.

The Dallas police had no viable cause for arresting Steven. I was there (almost getting ran over by one of the police officer who was bent on stopping the rally). I saw the arrest. This rally was in defense of education in light of Texas' cuts to Community College funding.

It is commendable that the actions of the Dallas Police did not stop the Rally. The Students of El Centro Collage peacefully followed the police to the Squad Car where Steven was taken, and proceeded to march in an orderly, yet boisterous, manner making their concerns known.

Chants of "You say cut back, we say fight back!" drowned out the sounds of downtown Dallas traffic. The student's stopped on a number of occasions, all on school property, to listen to various speakers.

Steven should be proud of the way his group handled the situation in the face of the draconian police presence. I know I am.

One thing is for sure Dallas, Texas is not Madison, Wisconsin, and the police are on no ones side ... not even the Constitution's.

See Video: "The Real Footage of the El Centro Student Protest"