Saturday, October 2, 2010

Much about Doing Nothing

It has been over a year since I attempted any real writing. The last book I brought out was First Steps on The Path: A Man's Field Guide to the All written under the pen name Ollamh BrocCroman. It is still available on Amazon and at The Enchanted Forest in Fort Worth, Texas. that particular work is a guide to help people break free of oppressive fundamentalist institutional religions using the generic tools of the Earth Based Religions. What was written there applies to almost any person on earth who seeks an escape from the chains of spiritual bondage. I've been told I will burn in hell by fundamentalist Christians, and accuse of cultural rape by fundamentalist Celtic Reconstructionist. Such criticism is the price one pays for finding a better way outside of the institutional approval. I do appreciate that it is read by such critics. Fundamentalist do not approve of intellectual or spiritual freedom. They think you need them to show you the way. I don't.

I am sitting here. I am again unemployed. Not a big deal. I have Thirteen years until I can retire on the pittance handed out by social security. From what I can tell, there are jobs out there for the young uns. Old men like me can go away and die. According to James Mitchner in Centenial the Native American had a personal ritual for Old Men. Lame Beaver staked himself out in the middle of an raid forcing the opposing tribe to deal with hims first. Ultimately they killed him. There was no choice. He knew that. He was getting old and useless to the tribe and it was expected of him.

Well, hate to say it, but I am not useless to the tribe. Quite the opposite. I have tales to tell and lessons to pass on to the generations to come. Most of them I have indicated in other works. I spend time exploring alternative religions to break the "spell" of conservative, fundamental expressions. I have also worked well outside the corporate box in Wealth, Women and War. Some of that information I have shared in these infrequent blogs.

Recently a young friend of mine was bemoaning his existence in IT (Information Technology). Can blame any creative soul trapped in a cubical, chained to a telephone for complaining about the state of the industry. It has been codified, ritualized, conformed to strict standards and homogenized around the Microsoft Monopoly. Mine you that is not a bad thing, if you are a savant.

A few years ago Mr. Bill Gates of Micorsoft went before congress begging for more visas to bring over labor from India to fill It slots. He was whining that there were not enough U.S. Computer Engineers. No body bothered to ask him where were the opportunities for the qualified Computer Engineers currently looking for work in the United States. This was around the same time that a well known New York law firm was instruction the Multi-Nationals on how to hire foreign nationals over qualified U.S. citizens.

Yep, That is colonization -- excuse me, I mean Globalization -- at its finest. I don't know why we don't just let 'em hang out the sign "Help Wanted: U.S. Boys need not Apply" Isn't that what Rand Paul wants to do?

We fought for a vision where there was ample of opportunity for all. That is not what we have in the United States of America today. However, there is an upside. Something very special is going to happen in between 2025 and 2042. The boomers (Baby Boomers born between 1945 and 1962) are going to (I'll put this gracefully) pass into the oblivion of eternity. That is the ultimate nothing. Over that eighteen year peroid that United States will lose roughly one-third of its population.

That will be the end of the world as we know it.

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  1. stunning final factoid. although, with my luck, i'll push the envelope and be a burden to society well into my 90's. old age runs in my family. nursing homes run in my family. not a happy future for me.