Saturday, February 13, 2010

Obama's State of the Union Address (Final)

I could go one to finish the discussion of Obama's well delivered State of the Union Address. He was excellent. However, in all honesty, politics bores me. I find it insufferable. I don't see any inclination towards working to unify the nation. I see squabbling factions all thinking they have the only answer regardless of the human sciences. Much of what passes as political science is anything but science. It defies psychology. It defies sociology. If defies the basic wiring of humanity except in creating a terror based reaction toward some nebulous pending future disaster which may, or may not come, while ignoring the ones which are occurring around us now.

As far as Presidents go, I think Obama has the job well in hand. He is, however, the president. He is not a representative. There is a difference. If we do not like what is going on in the nation, it is at the door of the individual representative that the responsibility sits. It is his, or her, job to speak to the will, or needs, of the people he, or she, represents. That is where it all resides. That, at least, is what the Constitution of the United States tells us. The president is there to oversee what is done in Congress and enforce the laws that are passed. Seems that congress has abdicated its authority to some kind of elected monarchy that we have allowed to exist. Not sure how we got to an empirical presidency. Seems to have happened somewhere in World War II. I'll leave that up to you to figure out.

I am going back to work on a fictional piece for the web that is tentatively titled Indistinct Foreshadow. Like most of my web writing it is pretty raw, but I think you will find it much more interesting than more rambling about the leadership, or lack of, in the nation today.

Thank you very much for taking my political insights into account. I do appreciate the readership.

Cliff Potts

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