Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A New Cry

"Live simply!" is the cry.
The broadcast it across the sky.
Down the wire, in the post,
Do more with less is the toast.

Willing to take on want and anguish?
Turning away wealth's blemish.
Not unlike the Saint Franciscan path,
To forgo the Market's incestuous math.

Yet, they have acquired it all,
Not a purchase the forestalled.
Every glint of bling tantalized,
Now they long to downsize.

But what of those left behind,
What of those economically confined?
What of those serving class,
What of those imprisoned in this cast?

Do you still forget them?
We do not need your platitudes.
We do not care for your shifting moods.
We need honest gain to live and breath.
We trust not your wind whip seas.

Live simply if you must.
Live simply as you have lust.
Live however you may hope.
Off the grid so the rest can cope.

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