Monday, October 6, 2008

Readers Daily Review: Wealth, Women, and War

Wealth, Women, and War
By Clifford Allen Potts, Ph.D

Based on the analysis of his last 50 years, Clifford Allen Potts, Ph.D., brings another thought-provoking page turner as we delve once again into our world's dynamic human environment. Wealth, Women, and War brings a unique perspective upon our nation's finances, gender roles, and who has the biggest bomb of them all. This book is a unique accounting on our world's history and possible future, from theology to capitalism and beyond. Wealth, Women, and War is a gem in the collection of books written by Clifford Allen Potts, Ph.D. Other written works include Well Past Midnight, Radicals, Religion, and Revelation, and Conspirators, Confederates, and Cronies. I look forward to joining the brilliant Dr. Potts as he unravels more mysteries in future works.

Matthew Doherty
Readers Daily Review

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