Monday, October 6, 2008

Readers Daily Review: Conspirators, Confederates, and Cronies

Conspirators, Confederates, and Cronies
By Clifford Allen Potts, Ph.D.

Conspirators, Confederates, and Cronies is an eye-opening journey. The context allowed me to view those with power over the world through a new lens. Who is running our nation? How are they composing their agenda? And, perhaps most important: To what end? My mind was suddenly hungry for answers.

Dr. Clifford Allen Potts provides his clear analysis of an on-going enigmatic cycle. His insight illuminates that we – Americans -- could be our own biggest threat. How far apart have we grown from the precepts of our founding fathers, and their ideas for our future? How long is the reaching arm of history's errors? And will the Millennium Generation allow a new future to become corrupted? Conspirators, Confederates, and Cronies is an intriguing exploration on the merging of politics and religion in our world today. With perplexing concepts supported with continuity from as far back as 1790, this book is a truly mind-altering read.

Matthew Doherty
Readers Daily Review

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