Thursday, August 28, 2008

Readers Daily Review: Radicals, Religion, and Revelation

Radicals, Religion, and Revelation
by Clifford Allen Potts, Ph.D.

Not long after the attacks of 9/11/2001, religion became a discussion topic at everyone's table. Clifford Potts, an intrigued observer of this religious resurgence began to question:
What do we believe?
To whom do we pray?
What beliefs are others practicing?

With some encouragement from a friend, Dr. Potts began cataloging his observations and personal ideals. Radicals, Religion, and Revelation is a collection of essays written to illuminate significant issues. Drawing upon his diverse life experiences to fuel his pen, Dr. Potts leads his readers on a voyage of religious exploration. Radicals, Religion, and Revelation challenges the reader to scrutinize core concepts and values, to investigate religious foundations, and to consider alternate points of view. I find this work refreshing. Someone out there is asking the questions and telling the tales of things we debate while watching television, whisper about in close circles, and torment ourselves with late at night as we toss and turn in bed. Radicals, Religion, and Revelation is a smorgasbord of brain food worthy of consumption.

Matthew Doherty
Readers Daily Review

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